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Wider region

The magic of the Pelion peninsula lies in its natural beauty blessed with vivid colours, pleasant odours that allow visitors to enjoy life`s simplicity.

Pelion is a region of Greece with strong and important historic past and it is a place that has maintained its traditional identity and features throughout the years.

The true beauty and charms of Pelion are the various villages and hamlets, built in a traditional way, that are found spread out all over this magnificent and impressive peninsula. In every village pebble paths get you to landscapes filled with beauty and every corner hides an inspirational experience. For hikers is a land made by the hand of god where they can choose pebble paths either to the historic hamlet of Promyri or to the traditional village of Lafkos, where a plaza surrounded by plane trees can be found.

Other beaches with crystal clear blue waters such as Mikro, Kastri, Vromoneri, Katigiorgis, Mourtias and Liri, are also accessible by road.

With the blue waters of the Aegean lapping up against the shores, Platanias offers visitors the chance to escape the noise, mayhem and chaos of city life, and relax as the Gods would have done - surrounded by nature, peace and tranquillity.

Pelion and nature go together hand in hand and this will be obvious when you venture out to explore some of the beautiful areas found here.

Platanias and Katigiorgis villages

Two of the major coast hamlets in the South East end of Mount Pelion are those of Platanias and Katigiorgis, the former being the largest by far. Many other smaller hamlets have been developed both in the outer and inner suburbs of the main villages. Katigiorgis is a small `fishing village` watered by the Aegean Sea, opposite Skiathos island. Surrounded by clear waters and unique sand beaches it is an amazing place to go fishing and swimming. Visitors can also go horse riding to the exceptional pine tree forest.

The traditional village of Promyri is situated 250 meters in altitude, and it is 13 km from Katigiorgis and 7 km from Platanias. Among its features are the narrow paths, the houses built with stones and their courtyards full of beautiful flowers. The thick leaves of the aged plane tree on the village square create a cool breeze that visitors enjoy when stopping at the coffee shop before carry on with their expeditions.